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214. Risking Life with Shower Thoughts

John and Coleman are smooth sailing for the rest of the year! Starting this episode, the guys are going to be traveling and having interesting life experiences between every show until the end of the year. They even discuss what some of the biggest risks in life are among other things because Coleman had a handful of “shower thoughts” that he presented this week.

For news, the most obvious is the passing of Queen Elizabeth II at 96 years old, and one of her guards fainted while on duty. Also, Cardi B got sentenced for a 2018 scuffle, there was a crazy row-boating incident, SNL has a few new cast members, more YouTubers are boxing fighters, Tom Brady is in trouble with the wifey, and a bunch more! We hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your queen killers!

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74. What A Week!

On this episode, John and Coleman don’t do “Did Ya Hear?” because of the amount of other things that were discussed. Between looking back on the jam packed week and sharing some stories, there was no shortage of content. Some discussions included a trip to Sea World, a fun Fish Fry event, and a few things to think about when traveling for the holidays.

We also read an email and play a voicemail, which we are always thankful for! John describes the rough morning he had, and let the Christmas music commence! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, LAUGH WITH US OR AT US, and Coleman is hammered and he loves you.