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158. Election Dejection & Divorce Remorse

John and Coleman have plenty to cover! They get the main story out of the way and talk about the election a little bit. Also, the guys read an email that asks a tough question! This week’s topic for “Tuddle’s Ten” is about divorce, and Tuddle is as engaging as ever (find Tuddle on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all @tuddle or at youtube.com/tuddle – find his show “Tuddle Daily Podcast” on all major platforms).

For “Did Ya Hear?”, John and Coleman discuss stories such as an inspiring female rock climber, the death of Alex Trebek (R.I.P), and the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony all while answering the important questions, like “Will we be getting a virus vaccine?” and “Who will replace Alex Trebek?” Also, huge congrats to Chris Nikic! We hope you all enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your marathon makers!

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