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189. Finn’s Friends Frenzy

John and Coleman have a wild show for you! The guys have a guest on the show (Tommy Awesome), and decide to record from Finnhenry’s the day before they officially close. Finn’s is (was) a great bar in downtown Orlando and will be deeply missed! They talk about some memories from the bar as they deal with a frenzy of people walking around them. Be warned, this episode is pretty chaotic! Conversations also include going pantsless, running late, and what the guys have coming up!

For news, the topic is mainly the Olympics! Of course however, there are a few other news stories that get discussed. This show was recorded on-location at a busy spot, so John and Coleman pretty much fired from the hip! This one may be too crazy. Thanks to Tommy Awesome for hanging out, and thank you to everyone who voted for us for Orlando Weekly’s “Best Local Podcast”! We hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your Finnhenry Friends!

Backyard Sessions 9 – Rocky Socha @ The Copper Rocket

This one is John chattin’ and learnin’ more about his Backyard co-host. Rocky Socha moves into the guest chair and we banter at one of his favorite places, The Copper Rocket! – This bar is fantastic for food, beer, and entertainment at really affordable prices. The Copper Rocket was even featured on the television show “Bar Rescue” (season 6 episode 9), but we intend to learn more about that in a later episode.

John and Rocky talk about a number of things from the continuing up-and-coming podcast scene in Orlando, FL to what the scene looked like when Rocky began hosting 3 years ago. Discussions also include how his show “What’s the Fuss?” was formulated and the personas behind himself, Etchie, Ry, and the late Hurricane Bill. The drinking was a little extra in this one, but it is what it is. When at a bar, you got to have a few drinks! Thanks for listening, downloading, and playing along. Share the show with a friend!