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164. Cheers to the New Year’s / A Podcast Park Party

John and Coleman say bye to 2020 and hello to 2021! The guys do one final “Tuddle’s Ten” for the year, they call Coleman’s daughter Maddi to hear firsthand about catching Covid-19, and they provide a review of some of the craziness from this year. Also, drinks were had! We seriously, seriously can not thank you as listeners enough for hanging out with us all year and we expect to be staying in touch all of next year! You motivate us, inspire us, push us to do better, inform us, and overall make us better people just by joining our little community. We really hope you enjoy listening as much as we always enjoy chatting, feel free to laugh with us or at us, we will see you next year, and tip your perenial podcasters!

121. New Year, Who Dis? What Was and What’s to Come

Happy New Year!! John and Coleman talk about the past year a bit while also looking ahead into the future. Coleman is oddly optimistic, John is surrounded by cats and crazy neighbors, and both share a present that Coleman got for John! The conversation carries through a range of topics.

For “Did Ya Hear?”, the guys discuss topics such as the smoking age moving from 18 to 21 federally, the deaths of some notable basketball icons, a mass shooter prevented at a church in Texas, Friends isn’t on Netflix anymore, and much more! Thank you guys so much for your continual support, it means the world to us. Go to Patreon.com/FTI if you want to show us some extra love! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your pizza maker!


Happy New Year from John and Coleman! Out with the old and in with the new! This episode is spent recapping the year discussing some music, movies, and notable deaths of 2018. We get into last year’s popular news stories also, with just a pinch of recent stories.

We can not thank everyone enough for continuing to listen and supporting us. We have a lot of fun hanging out with each other and we are overjoyed of the positive feedback we have received. We hope that this next year is bigger and better! LAUGH WITH US OR AT US