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139. Trippin’ on Hostility!

John and Coleman get a little serious this week, and address everything going on in the country right now. R.I.P George Floyd. The guys talk from their perspective about what they have been observing lately in regards to racism in the U.S., police brutality, and the protesting/rioting. Also, Coleman recommends a documentary that is about psychedelic drugs, and subsequently Tuddle delivers a “Tuddle’s Ten” about drugs in general (find Tuddle on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all @tuddle or at youtube.com/tuddle – find his show “Tuddle Daily Podcast” on all major platforms).

For “Did Ya Hear?”, John really wanted to find stories that centered around good news. Though it was hard, there were some positive stories about bionic eyes being made to help the blind, a big leap in renewable energy, Jon Jones doing his part for the neighborhood, and much much more! We tend to theme the music on the show relative to the topics we discuss, and this week is no different, but we feel really passionate about the message in the song that plays us out this week (even though it’s not a mashup). We hope you enjoy listening as much as we ejoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your babysitters!

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