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177. No Guarantees on the Small Stuff

John and Coleman have a weird one for you! There is no news and no planned topics! This one is all off the cuff and shot from the hip. This show has guests Zack and Leeann on! Zack is from “All The Small Stuff” podcast, and he does a great job with his co-host Brian. This episode is recorded live from Cavo’s Bar and Kitchen, one of the best places in Orlando for food and drink! Some discussions include dating apps, cryptocurrency, a little fight near us, pooping in public, and so much more! We can’t thank Zack and Leeann enough for coming on and hanging out with us while they were in town! We hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your servers folks!

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51. Cryptocurrency with Giordano Lugo – Part II

Funny to Informing with John and friends!


Today’s friend is Giordano Lugo! This one is definitely on the more informational side as we discuss more Cryptocurrency – from how much it has grown since we last spoke (September), to video cards skyrocketing in price due to more miners. We even talk about filing your taxes using the virtual currency you have!

Mercury Cash is a company that is trying to help people handle their currency more responsibly, open a wallet at ” Mercury.Cash “. – Ask for Victor or Giordano and let them know Funny to Informing sent you!

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