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170. Infatuated Inductions & Monkey Tail Mayhem

John and Coleman have so, so, so much to get to! The most obvious being Valentine’s Day just passing and the Trump impeachment wrapping up. Also, John has been seeing this new facial hair trend going around and wants Coleman to jump on it. For Tuddle’s ten minutes this week, the topic was simple, Love/Relationships/Valentine’s Day, and boy does he let you know what he truly thinks! (find Tuddle on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all @tuddle or at youtube.com/tuddle – find his show “Tuddle Daily Podcast” on all major platforms).

For other news, topics include the most recent earthquake in Japan, the big car crash in Texas, Bam Margera falling apart again, Rebecca Black returning, Tom Brady officially becoming a Florida man, and so much more! Seriously, a lot more. We hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, you can laugh with us or at us, and tip your Hallmark holidayers!

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