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199. We’re Back and Rusty

John and Coleman are back! Despite being a bit rusty, they are excited to catch up and talk about their lives and the news! Topics include the horrors of the dentist office, fears of anesthesia, dreams within a dream, and everything else that has happened to the guys in the past month or so. Also, John saw a bird get hit by a car.

For news, discussions included a lot of the things that has happened in the beginning of 2022. Celebrity deaths, student debt relief, concerts being cancelled/extended, Kanye being Kanye, some sports news, and so much more! Thank you to everyone who supports us, and for sticking with us. We are really happy to start back up again, and we’re ready! Email us any of your thoughts at funnytoinforming@gmail.com and we will read it on the show! We hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your Randy Johnson pigeon pitchers!

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