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185. A Clip Clop Dressage Dressdown at Duffy’s

John and Coleman are hanging out at Duffy’s Sports Bar and Grill! They have a lot to address, and follow up on some of the stuff discussed on the previous show. After clearing the air, the guys talk about a comedian’s TikTok channel and play some clips from it. Also, it was mentioned on the show that the “Best Of” for the Orlando Weekly has ended, that was a lie. It ends August 1st, so go to vote.orlandoweekly.com and vote for us for “Best Local Podcast” under the Local Color section!

For news, there was so much! Topics include Bill Cosby getting released from jail, the condo in Miami that collapsed, an MMA fighter getting violent, more celebrity boxing news, a Tour de France crash, and a lot more where that came from! We hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your pee pee partners!

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Diggis 1 – Short, Quick News through “Did Ya Hear?” by John Solo

This week is just JOHN SOLO and pretty much just a short little news reel, after discussing briefly about a few other things. – This may be a new, permanent thing as bonus content, to rifle through news I do not get to in numbered shows.


Shoutout to Rick and Anthony from “Entering The Black Hole” – Rick for his kind words on when I do solo episodes, and Anthony because he coined the phrase “Diggi’s”, which is now mine. Love you guys and thank you!


On this episode – Spring Bake (hosted by Onekaway) , NHL/NBA playoffs update , Bill Cosby , Alexa (the machine) , Ford and GM cutting back car models


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