192. Coldcalling Catfish, Crate Challenge, & Comedy Cringe

John and Coleman need to discuss so much! The guys go through a range of topics including the Orlando Weekly “Best of” results, meetup information, details of their gag reflexes, Coleman texting a catfisher, a really awkward comedy night, and they even try a few unique beers throughout! Also, John ruins his girlfriend’s dessert and both of them assess this new crate challenge craze.

For news, there was an update with everything happening in Afghanistan, as well as a teen going missing, a child actor is found dead, Usain Bolt versus Tyreek Hill, information on the Kennedy family, the 30th anniversary for music albums, and so so much more! We hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your catfish caller outers!

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