142. Floor is Gators

John and Coleman do another hour plus show even though they planned on doing a short show this week. They talk about these new tv game shows popping up everywhere and nostaglic childhood games. Also, Father’s Day just passed so Coleman talks about it from his view, and John knows he’d make a terrible father. There was no “Tuddle’s Ten” this week, so the guys call him up to chat with him and catch up (find Tuddle on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all @tuddle or at youtube.com/tuddle – find his show “Tuddle Daily Podcast” on all major platforms).

For “Did Ya Hear?”, there were lots of stories to choose from. Discussions included a noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage, a failed Trump rally, the Undertaker retiring from wrestling, another book about Trump, and a lot more! Thank you for nominating us for “Best Local Podcast” over at Orlandoweekly.com ! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, laugh with us or at us, and tip your choke slamers!

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